The One Ty Is Starting With

Alrighty, this is my first ever attempt at writing a blog. I cannot say I have ever felt inclined to do something of the sort but over the last few weeks of Emma and I telling our story and then retelling it  -over and over again- it has been brought to our attention that we have an interesting one. A story that perhaps people would be interested to follow. At the very least  this could become a cool platform for Emma and myself to remind ourselves of our adventures, if a few die hard friends and family get a kick out of this well then even better.

I suspect many interesting things will happen during this period of indefinite travelling and  volunteering. Figuring out what to write about could be the trickiest part. The reason I say it could be tricky is because this way of living has become our new norm. Already we have almost trod on snakes, white water rafted on one of the top  5  rivers in the world, been woken up by howler monkeys and stomped mud in the rain to make wall plaster. It’s been two months. The list feels almost endless of the little snippets of daily life I would gladly recount if you were sitting across from me at this moment.

With leaving adulting behind in South Africa and every day being filled with a bit of uncertainty and the possibility for adventure, it is becoming so important to write the “interesting things” down. To touch on this, not even half an hour before sitting down to attempt this first bit of writing I was walking around with a snake on the end of a garden rake shouting to Emma to get my phone to photograph the beaut. After the latest round of ‘Spanish Charades’ with the gardener of the lodge we are currently volunteering on, I guessed the clues and won a snake seeking trip to the staff room. The gardener had seen a snake casually slither through the open door to what it thought could be its latest abode. The little menace can count its blessings that I was the one to find it. Armed with a humble leaf rake I was able to lift the snake out of the room and return it to its rightful lodgings, the bush. I called the snake lucky that I found it because unlike me armed with a rake, the gardener had his machete drawn and was out for blood.

Distraction out of the way and an attempt to salvage some point behind this post. Hopefully over the next few weeks, months or even years, those close to us or even those mildly interested will be able to keep tabs as we “find our feet” and try figure out what the heck we are going to do next with our lives.

Greetings from the Pacuare river, Costa Rica

Ps. Mom, I found out afterwards the snake on my rake was a harmless Zopilota.

3 thoughts on “The One Ty Is Starting With

  1. Hi there guys, sitting in bed on Sunday morning reading about your exploits and adventures. How exciting! This is a great way to keep us oldies up to date with where and what you are up to. Looking forward to the next instalment of you finding your feet. Looking forward to your mum dad and Alice coming back to Blighty Emma, and maybe meeting you Ty one day. Happy adventures. X


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